How to Use Self-directed IRA to Buy Real Estate?

Posted by Bishnu Dhakal // December 14, 2016

So, you have started to save money for your retirement. You’re putting away some funds for the golden years. Many of you will have plans to travel the world or some of you might be thinking of starting a new business. You can achieve both goals by putting your money into an IRA account. You’ll […]

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Distressed Due to Home Mortgage?

Posted by Bishnu Dhakal // December 7, 2016

Are you feeling distressed due to home mortgage? Are you unable to pay off your debt? I know it’s difficult to keep up with monthly payments with credit bills and other expenses. I can understand your stressful condition. Staying in debt is becoming a norm in America. From student loan to credit card bills, more […]

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Quick Ways to Sell Your Property In New York(2017)

Posted by Bishnu Dhakal // November 30, 2016

sell your home quickly in new york

How do you plan to sell your home in the next year? Do you think 2017 will be the right time? I was wondering about the housing inventory and current market conditions. Because of the political situation, the interest rates might jump to an increased level. It’s just a prediction. Let’s discuss it in the […]

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Top 08 Things To Review Before the New Year

Posted by Bishnu Dhakal // November 23, 2016

We’re only 39 days away from the New Year. The next month is going to be a busy one. We need to do a lot before Christmas. For most people, December is the month to reflect over the past year. We create our new list of goals. It’s time of the year when we throw […]

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The Old School Real Estate

Posted by Bishnu Dhakal // November 16, 2016

Old is gold. That’s right. In the real estate industry, the old has proven itself to be more worthy than gold and platinum. Real estate agents are still using the old networking and cold-calling skills to accelerate their business. While it’s a great deal, some of you must try tech-savvy marketing. I am not asking […]

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Best Restaurants In Buffalo NY

Posted by Bishnu Dhakal // November 9, 2016

Buffalo, NY is an exciting place. Whether it’s the nightlife, the food, the culture, the social drama or politics; anyone can enjoy some fun moments. Life in Buffalo has a few downsides, but let’s just not spoil the fun. There is much more to cherish than to worry about. This article is dedicated to the […]

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08 Ways to Be Effective With Yard Sign Marketing

Posted by Bishnu Dhakal // November 2, 2016

Yard signs are the most effective traditional marketing tools. Real estate agents have used these signs for centuries. Garage sales are built on this marketing method. No matter how big the internet becomes, yard signs will play their part in real estate deals. Real estate happens to be a big investment. Customers will walk through […]

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Top Ways to Sell My House Fast In New York

Posted by Bishnu Dhakal // October 26, 2016

sell my house fast in new york

Would you like to sell your house fast in New York? If so, what’s your preferred method of getting good customers? Do you contact real estate agents or do you create signboards? If I were to sell my house fast in NY, I would use a viral marketing method. Social media marketing, email lists, and […]

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Cheap Houses For Sale In Buffalo NY

Posted by Bishnu Dhakal // October 19, 2016

Top Ways to Find Cheap Houses For Sale In Buffalo NY Looking for cheap houses for sale in Buffalo NY? Well, you are not alone. Most people search for cheap houses for different reasons. Some customers prefer simple living and a simple home will do the job. Others want a cheap house because that’s the […]

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How to Save Your Home From Foreclosure?

Posted by S.K Andaleeb // October 12, 2016

How to Save Your Home From Foreclosure? The best way to stop foreclosure is to prevent it from the beginning. There are thousands of property owners who pay their mortgage on time and secure their homes. However, there are people who cannot make payments only after a few years and end up losing their properties. […]

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